WAM Interactive


Bespoke, Mini format Museums

Introducing Mini-Museums by WAM Interactive! Step into a world where the wonders of history, science, and art come alive in a mini format exhibition. Mini-Museums offer a unique and accessible way to experience the magic of exploration and discovery wherever you are. These compact exhibits are designed to be placed anywhere, from the cozy corners of libraries to the sprawling landscapes of parks, bringing the joy of learning to communities far and wide.

Each Mini-Museum is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of its theme, whether it’s delving into the mysteries of ancient civilizations, unravelling the complexities of the natural world, or celebrating the masterpieces of renowned artists. They can be produced to compliment existing exhibitions or to stand entirely alone.

• Can be designed to suit any budget.

• Include graphic displays, object cases, integrated AV and bespoke interactives to bring your exhibit to life.

• Easily transported, offering a simple way of showcasing your museum to a wider audience.

We offer a full service approach from design to install, get in touch to find out more!


Educational Value


Maintenance & Durability