WAM Interactive
part of the rear side of the model is shown in this image. A braille key allows users to discover the layout of the tower through touch.

Accessible Interpretation

Bespoke Accessible interpretation and interactives

Universal design is the design philosophy that seeks to create products, spaces, and environments that are usable and accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. The approach to our work is a holistic one that aims for universal design, accessibility is not simply the consideration of physical access needs, but of an entire spectrum. 

We ensure that interpretation design and spatial arrangement thoroughly considers the needs of all users with specific measures designed to ensure accessibility for all visitors. Our projects are DDA compliant as a base line but we always try to go much further than this.

Our proposals are frequently reviewed with external accessibility consultants who have helped us develop answers to difficult access problems. They have led the accessibility and inclusion field since 2004 and are a certified Disability Owned and Operated Business Enterprise, providing real lived experiences of disability needs. The director was given an MBE for his contribution to the development of this field and has been an invaluable source of advice for our design team. 


Educational Value


Maintenance & Durability