WAM Interactive
One of the character nodes depicting Widow Nawton at Warkworth Castle.

Warkworth Character Nodes

Northumberland, UK
Portland Stone, Direct to media metal printing, Audio

Bespoke interpretative Audio Posts

As part of  our new visitor experience scheme at Warkworth Castle, the visitor can choose to follow a particular characters ‘journey’ moving through the castle following their chosen character colour. Underlying each character are a suite of core messages and stories, however, they are experienced through a different lens, for example aristocrat or scribe, chaplain or servant. We were conscious that this household was hierarchical and status-driven, but regardless of the status of the assigned identity the visitor will does miss out on any of the experience.

The introduction to each of these journeys takes place at a character ‘node’. These human scale interventions are created with a monolith of Portland stone, topped with a bespoke, direct to media printed box. Each box features a painted portrait of each historic figure, commissioned especially for this scheme. A button on the side of the box plays a solar powered audio message from the character which sets the visitor off on a journey around the castle.



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