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the bronze moth is shown with the castle tower in the background.

The Indenture Moth

Northumberland, UK
Patinated Bronze

Bespoke Bronze Sculpture

“Look at my wings, what do you see? Is it a country split in three?”

The Tripartite Indenture was an agreement that Henry Percy made in 1405 with the Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr and the English noble Edmund Mortimer. They planned to steal the kingdom from Henry IV and split it among them. Glyndwr was to take Wales and western England. Percy was to have the North, and the Mortimers were to rule southern England.

The indenture moth, is a representation of this agreement for visitors to discover. 3D Modeled by WAM, the moth was hand cast from a 3D printed positive with the expressive patina created by the careful application of specific chemicals by hand.



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