WAM Interactive
The stainless steel interactive lock is shown in its position in the castle. In the background the tower represented by the top of the lock can be seen. Visitors can move around to visually align the top of the lock with the top of the tower.


Northumberland, UK
STainless Steel, Audio Interactive

Bespoke interactive lock sculpture

Inspired by a medieval padlock, this sculpture evokes interpretive character, William Stowe’s, role in protecting Warkworth Castle. Look straight ahead; the top of the lock matches the outline of Grey Mare’s Tail Tower.

Visitors can turn the key with a satisfying ‘clunk’ to hear a poetic description of this tower. The lock body is made from mirror polished stainless steel which helps it blend into the surroundings of the castle, solar panels in the rear of the sculpture power the internal audio mechanism.

Play the audio below to hear the message played when the key is turned.


Educational Value
Detailed description of the surrounding architecture.

Visual, Audible and Tactile situated on a new accessible path.

Maintenance and Durability
Polished Stainless steel designed to last a minimum of 10 years. Access hatch for maintenance of audio unit.

Incorporation of Technology
Solar powered audio.

Cost  £££